About us

The Poderuccio farmhouse nestles on a small farm owned by the Governi and Catocci families.

The farm produces a superb extra virgin olive oil made with the olives growing on Olivastra Seggianese trees planted on the groves of the slopes of Monte Amiata, at an altitude of approximately 500 metres above sea level. Growing at such an altitude, the olives yield a golden, sweet, smooth and lightly scented oil that is delicately fruited. Guests may, if they wish, take part in the harvesting of the olives and observe at close hand all the various procedures that go into producing the farm’s olive oil.

The farm also cultivates saffron. This golden yellow and highly-prized spice is derived from the pistils of the flower of the saffron crocus which is picked towards the end of October and beginning of November. Guests may take part in the delicate procedures of extraction and drying of its flowers.

Erika and Gabriella will be happy to look after you during your stay, attending to your every need.

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